Why not let me show you how to repair your lawn once and for all, not just treating the symptoms

Gold Coast and Brisbane fertiliser service – we come to you!

Our fertiliser will fix any lawn by repairing the soil and feeding the lawn organically. We do not treat symptoms we fix the cause of the lawn problem. Call us today for a free quote and we will fertilise your lawns and rebuild the health and vitality back into your lawn for all to enjoy.

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Gold Coast and Brisbane Fertiliser Service - 0413 807 176

We fix lawns! With thousands of happy customers – our results speak for themselves. We do not treat symptoms we fix the cause of the problem – saving you time and money.

Lawn Spraying

Gold Coast and Brisbane Fertiliser Service

We come to you – From large Sporting Fields to Turf Farms and Even Home Lawns our organic Fertiliser will work for you.

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Lawn and Sporting Field Fertilising

Area of Operation

We treat lawn and Sporting fields from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed heads, We are based at Helensvale on the Gold Coast.  (read More)

Chemical free and totally organic

This is a totally natural chemical free organic fertiliser soil re-builder and conditioner, that is designed to rebuild the soil health, re- build microbe number and fertilise your lawn at the same time, without any of the negative issues of chemical fertilisers.

Eliminates both Thatch and Soil Compaction

Our Wormtec Lawn and Sporting Field Fertiliser eliminates both thatch build up and soil compaction in your soil, this is done with the beneficial soil microbes contained in our Wormtec product.

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Gold Coast and Brisbane Fertiliser Service - We come to you!

Finally a Safe Liquid Organic Microbial Fertiliser – utilising the power of beneficial soil microbes to build Soil and Plant health whilst fertilising your plants! Chemical free and safe to use around children and pets.

Our Fertiliser

Our wormtec liquid organic lawn and sporting field fertiliser, is totally organic and is based on biology, so we utilise soil microbes and nutrients extracted from worm castings and chicken manure compost.

What does microbial mean? Soil microbes are in the soil to break down organic matter (decay or rot) and to solubilise minerals as plants are un-able to use minerals until they are in a soluble form so they can pass through the cell wall. Healthy soil is alive with beneficial soil microbes whose job it is to break down organic matter and minerals in the soil into a soluble form that plants can absorb through there roots and leaves, if these minerals and organic matter are not solubilised our plants are unable to feed on these materials, this means our plants are then going hungry, they then will be stressed and will then be attacked by pest and diseases. The other job microbes do for us is to protect our plants by out-competing disease spores when they land on our plants.

As all good gardeners and farmers know growing healthy crops and plants depends on the life in our soil, building rich soil high in humus and nutrients requires the soil to be alive with soil microbes, as these microbes convert organic matter into humus and soluabilise minerals and nutrients so that they can be absorbed into your plants via the roots or through the leaf surface, if they are not soluble the plant is unable to absorb these compounds for healthy vigorous plant growth. Our organic microbial worm extract fertiliser works by fertilising the plant and feeding the soil whilst re-inoculating the soil with soil microbes that have died from chemical abuse or toxins from pollution in the air and water plus the negative impact of detrimental farming and garden practices. Building soil structure with the use of organic fertilisers and rebuilding the microbial life in our soils, now this is how we succeed in our gardening endeavors and are rewarded with healthy garden plants, fruit trees and crops that don’t show constant signs of disease, mineral deficiencies and pest attacks.

Chemical fertilisers are detrimental to our environment. They leach out of the soil and contaminate ground water, they kill the microbes in the soil. You breath these chemicals in when you’re playing in the grass or mowing your lawn.

  • Bio availability 100%
  • Quality 100%
  • Nutrient 100%

Even If its a small lawn or a huge Sporting Field

Our Wormtec Lawn and Sporting Field Fertiliser will fertilise organically, and reduce both Compaction and Thatch build up without the use of Chemicals.


Here are a few Question that I am asked all the time about Lawn and Sporting Field fertilisers; If you have any other questions please contact me directly at greg@wormtec.com.au or 0413 807176 Sporting Fields We fertiliser sporting fields around the Gold Coast by using our Lawn and Sporting Field Fertiliser. The children are subjected to far less chemical fertiliser exposure. A far better playing surface, and a softer sporting field helping to reduce impact injuries. Golf Courses, Yes our product is used on Golf Courses, to improve the grass Quality and to help in high wear areas and reduce compaction. Horse paddocks, Reducing compaction and fertilising the grass without affecting the horses Cattle Pasture Reducing compaction and fertilising the grass without affecting the Cattle also has a possitve effect on animal health due to the improved quality of pasture grass

Will you come to my house and apply the fertiliser for me

Yes this is a service that we have been doing all around Brisbane and the Gold Coast for years now, Check out our service area, but I do have properties both domestic and commercial from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed Heads, I also have commercial work out at Toowoomba, Ipswich and Warwick. So if you in any of these areas we would love to visit you.

Is your Lawn and Sporting Field Fertiliser Organic

Yes our Products are Organic, we utilise soil microbes and nutrients from worm castings that we produce and composted chicken manure that is produced for us.

Can I apply the fertiliser myself?

You can purchase worm extract fertiliser for home use, but our Lawn and Sporting Field Fertiliser is only applied by our company.

Is it Children and Pet safe

Yes all our products are Children and pet safe, this is one of the reasons that we have developed these products, due to breathing and skin irritations in children, and you would not believe the number of clients that we have that came to us because there family dog has Cancer

Is it safe around environmentally sensitive areas

Yes its safe around all areas, I even use it in my own Hydroponic system for grow our own vegetables, and have also used it in Aquaponic systems, with no negative effect on the fish.


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